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Le Creuset 8 Qt Enamel on Steel Stockpot

Designed to function efficiently on a full range of heat sources, this enamel on steel stockpot is not only easy to clean and non-reactive with foods, but also versatile enough for any type of stovetop, old or new.  The design also limits evaporation while forcing liquids to bubble through all layers of ingredients, infusing the entire dish with flavor during cooking.

8 quart Capacity

Convenient quick heating and superior heat distribution.  A stainless steel rim around the top edge prevents chipping.  Finished in the  same  bold palette of signature colors as Le Creuset enameled cast iron.

Constructed from heavy-guage carbon steel with a durable and colorful porcelain enamel finish.

Manufacturer: Le Creuset

SKU: N4100-22



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