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Wüsthof Epicure 5" Serrated Utility Knife

Smaller than a cook's knife but larger than a paring knife, making it the perfect knife for a magnitude of tasks.  The added serrated edge has saw-like teeth that enable the blade to slice cleanly through food with delicate textures such as bread or soft vegetables and fruit.

The blade on this Wüsthof Epicure knife is forged from a single blank of high carbon no-stain steel, a specially alloyed steel.  Created using 40 manufacturing steps from forging to tempering, to grinding and polishing.  

The Epicure knife is made with an ergonomic handle that is beautifully sculpted from Epicurian recycled-wood materials.  Crafted for optimum comfort and control.

Quality made in Solingen - Germany.

Manufacturer: Wüsthof

SKU: 3911-7

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