Gift Registry FAQs

Can I manage my own Gift Registry with The Extra Ingredient?

Yes. After you have created your registry on our webite, you can update and alter it any time on-line.

How can my guests find my registry?

Your registry is easily searchable on our website. A guest will simply type your name into the gift registry Search button. You can also share the link on your own personal wedding page (or on wedding services such as "The Knot," etc.)

Can I make my registry private, and not searchable on your website?

Yes. If you wish your registry to be hidden, click the "publicly searchable" button to the "OFF" position.

What if my guest doesn't have a computer?

Simple. Have them call the store 336-299-9767 or, come by the store to see us. We are happy to help them.

I want to register something that I found in your store ... but could not find it on the website.  Can you add that item to my list?

Yes. Call us at 336-299-9767. We will be able to add any of our items to your on-line registry.

Will there be a record of who purchased my gifts?

Yes. Although this information is not viewable on our website, just call us at our store, and we will have a record of purchases.