HIC | Helen's Asian Kitchen 12” Carbon Steel Wok

Manufacturer: HIC | SKU: 97087

Helen's Asian Kitchen Carbon Steel Wok is the perfect addition to cookware for stir frying, stewing, sautéing, steaming, braising, frying, deep frying Asian recipes and so much more. The wok distributes heat quickly so foods cook evenly. The cooking surface collects a natural patina over time to create that coveted non-stick cooking performance. The 2-tone bamboo handle is heat-resistant for comfortable use. This wok hangs for easy storage.

Carbon steel is easily seasoned, re-seasoned, and maintained to help prevent rust. Successive seasoning and regular use will gradually build a black patina, providing a smooth, stick-resistant surface, much like a well-seasoned cast iron skillet

  • Additional Information
  • Size: 14" L x 12.25" W x 3.25" H 
  • Material: 1.6-millimeter carbon steel w/ 2-tone bamboo handle
  • Riveted and flat-bottom design
  • Safe for gas, electric, and induction heat sources
  • Hand wash and dry
  • Full use and care instructions are included 
  • Lifetime warranty against manufacturer's defects
HIC | Helen's Asian Kitchen 12” Carbon Steel Wok