Wüsthof Classic 6" Chef's Knife

Manufacturer: Wüsthof | SKU: 4582/16

A great knife for slicing, dicing, chopping and mincing fruits and vegetables as well as breaking down various types of meat. The all-rounder in the kitchen and probably the most important piece of basic equipment for every home or professional chef. A Chef's Knife is suitable for most tasks in the kitchen including the widest variety of cutting and gripping techniques. The 6" blade and full bolster makes food prep a pleasure.

Wüsthof Classic knives are forged from a single blank of high carbon no-stain steel, a specially alloyed steel, and are created using 40 manufacturing steps from forging to tempering, to grinding and polishing.

  • Additional Information
  • Resilient Synthetic Handle, Riveted
  • Quality made in Solingen, Germany
Wüsthof Classic 6 Inch Chef's Knife


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