Zwilling J A Henckels PRO Tools Universal Tongs

Manufacturer: Zwilling J A Henckels | SKU: 37160-022

These universal tongs truly live up to their name. The multi-purpose tongs are particularly versatile and are an essential addition to any cooking gadget collection. Use as spaghetti tongs, salad tongs or for serving strips of meat. The overall design is extremely functional, one of the tong ends features two slots while the other is whole. Turn the kitchen tongs to lift liquids, such as a sauce or dressing, along with the food or allow it to drain away. The concave design makes using them particularly easy and their optimized spring allows you to effortlessly find the ideal amount of pressure to apply. Designed by internationally known designers Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez, the Zwilling Pro Kitchen series leave no wish unfulfilled when it comes to elegant kitchen tools that also impress through their daily use in the kitchen. Premium quality 18/10 Stainless Steel. Dishwasher safe.

Size: 10.24” L x 2.36” W x 2.09” H.

Manufactured in China.

$ 26.00
Zwilling J A Henckels PRO Tools Universal Tongs